Early last year, my skin experienced an increase in the severity of spot breakouts and mild ache. As a result, I became OBSESSED with seeking products and medical remedies which could finally get rid of these demented volcanoes!

I scoured the shelves in health retailers like Boots, Holland and Barrettes and Superdrug and tried nearly EVERYTHING! Every morning and evening, I would wash my face with tea tree oil soap, then wash using Clean and Clear spot control, then use Deep Action spot clearing spray, finishing with a tea tree gel stick. Twice a week I would steam my face using a bowl of hot water and a towel.

I gave this ‘spot reducing’ routine trial about a two months … my skin got worse AND WORSE! I didn’t want to see anyone, go to lectures, or even go out (unless it was to shop for more products… obsessive I know). I soon came to realise this addictive routine was BURNING my skin, clogging my pores and drying out my skin! So I stopped… everything… no product… no chemicals… nothing but cold water and an oceanic sponge for round 4 weeks.

And I’m telling you, the improvement from no longer polluting my face with harsh chemicals and expensive brands, was definitely noticeable! My pores were healthier, the swelling reduced and my new obsession was seeing the improvements every morning!

I’m not suggesting these products don’t work, but my advice here is to not paint your face with chemicals and mystical ingredients and instead let natural remedies and time work its magic! I think my probelm was the lack of patience; I wanted those spots gone straight away, so I overloaded products onto my skin, which turned out to be the biggest MISTAKE!

Be gentle on your skin…

Good Luck!


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  1. Definitely agree! Especially when your skin is ultra senstive, its so important to use gentle products.

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  2. I’ll have to look into that! (:

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  3. It’s hard when you want to get rid of spots so you use all these products that are actually quite harsh on your skin, when sometimes it’s best to just go back to natural methods! xxx

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